Park and Shop Oriental Market

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Dear Customer,

It is with sincere regret that we inform you that Park and Shop will be closing permanently on October 31 2016. It is our upmost priority to inform you about this decision as our customers are what we valued most and came always first.

Park and Shop has been the first Asian grocery market in Memphis TN since 1971 and the success of previous 17 years since my parents took over the ownership of Park and Shop has been largely due to its amazing customers. Therefore, we have tried hard to make each one of our customers happy through exceptional customer services and we are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished in these wonderful years.

Thank you for your past business and continuous support. May God bless you and family today and always. 


Lee's family

40 년 전통을 자랑하는  Park and Shop Asian Market in Memphis, TN

Since 1971, we are serving the Mid-South’s. We are doing our best to provide fresh vegetables and products for our valuable customer. We believe that delivering best service to our customers is our first and only goal. We focus to maximize customer satisfaction and to improve continuously with our customer and the community. 

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Top 10 Best Sales Asian Market Products


1. Kimchi 

2. Rice (sushi rice)

3. Mandu (Dumpling)

4. Sushi Laver/Seaweed

5. Ramen

6. Korean Bulgogi Galbi BBQ

7. Bibimbap

8. Roasted Sesame Seed

9. Mackerel

10. Red Bean Paste



1. Tofu

2. Miso 

3. Oden 

4. Curry 

5. Soy Sauce

6. Edamame (Soybean)

7. Furikake  

8. Pon Shabu

9. Dried and Shaved Bonito

10. Soba Tsuyu



1. Srilacha Sauce

2. Rice Cake 

3. Spring Roll Shell

4. Egg Roll Skin

5. Vermichelli (Rice Noodle)

6. Thai Stir Fried Noodle  

7. Hoisin Oyster Sauce

8. Vietnamese Rice Paper

9. Sweet Potato Noodle

10. Don Katzu Sauce (Fried Pork Steak)