Park and Shop Oriental Market

Korean & Japanese Groceries and Gifts

Park and Shop Oriental Market Product List

Fresh Product: Persimmon, white peach, asian peach, tangerine, Korean peach, honey tangerine, coconut, fuji apple, Sweet potato, carrot, green onion, pumpkin, long bean, egg, Fuji apple, cucumber, dropwort, baby carrot, Korean leek, red potato, spinach, cabbage, onion, bean sprouts, green pepper, potato, etc

Fish: Yellow corvine, gold bream, skate, flatfish, crayfish, butterfish, eel, crab, scabbard fish, frozen Pollack, etc

Sidedish (Prepared): We have several  different types of side dishes kimchi, salted oyster, salted scabbard fish, pork/ beef bulkoki, etc in stock

Beef: Ribs, beef ribs, beef bulkoki, hind shank, boned rib, bulkoki, premium bulkoki fillet, black pork boned rib, Shabu-Shabu  etc

Grocery:Condiments, ramen, rice, mixed rice, grain powder, canned foods, dried food, snack, beverage, tea, Frozen dumplings, sea foods, noodles, instant food, ice creams, frozen vegetables, etc

House/Kitchenware & Gift Center: Pan, portable burner, chopsticks, rubber glove, pressure rice maker, hair dye product, electric blanket, etc

Beverage:Tea, Fruit Juice, Soda, Soy Drinks/Sports/Health Drinks                                      

Condiments:Red Pepper Paste, Soybean Paste, Seasoned Bean Paste, Wasabi/Mustard

Ramen/Udon:Bags, Value Package, Bowl/Cup, By the box

Rice Cake/Noodle:Soba/Udon, Cold Noodle/Vermicelli, Noodle/Somen

Coffee/Tea:Coffee/Whitener, Korean Tea, Tea for Kettle, Green Tra, Japanese Tea

Dried Food: Laver-Convenient Pack, Laver/Sushi Laver, Seaweed/Kelp, Fish, Vegatable, Nuts/Seeds/Fruit

Rice/Grains: Rice, Sweet Rice, Brown Rice/Barley, Mixed Grain/Black Rice, Bean

Snacks/Candy: Biscuit/Cookie/Pie, Snack/Pop Corn, Korean & Japanese Traditional Candy/Jelly

Sauces: Vineagar,  SesamiOil, Soybean/Olive Oil, Syrup, Jam/Syrup, Soy/Fish Sauce, Japanses Sauce, Curry Sauce, Premixed/Hot Sauce, Dressing/Tsuyu

Ready to Serve: Instant Rice, Rice Seasonings, Side Dishes, Farm Products, Seafood Products

Powder/Seasonings: Pancake/Frying Mix, Bread Crumb, Flour, Grain Powder, Red Pepper, Salt/Sugar, Seed/Pepper, Seasoning                                                       

Kimchi/Side Dishes/ Refrigerated Noodles: Kimchi, Side Dishes, Cold Noodle, Udon/Fresh Noodle, Soup/Sauce/Broth

Ham/Sausage/ Refrigerated Light Meals/ Fresh Produce: Ham/Sausage/Meat Sticks, Radish/Fish Cake/Fried Bean Curd, Fruits

Appliances: Rice Cookers, Cooking Grill/Dispensing Pot, Humidifiers/Purifiers, Hair Dryer/Flat Irons, Housewares 

Tableware: Bowl Set, Plate Set, Tea Set, Coffee Set, Mug Set, Accessories/Kids Set, Soap/Shampoo, Kitchenwares, bathwares, Others

Health/Beauty: Vitamin/Mineral, Ginseng, Natural Remedies/Herbs, Cleansing, Make Up